January 05, 2006

Untitled Project Day 3 – [gizmos]

Worked on the game a little bit yesterday and a little bit today, so we'll consider that a third full day.

I spent some time trying to insert a preloader into the game, as the file size is now around 215kb. Unfortunately all of my graphics are library symbols that get loaded in frame 1, and the workarounds for fixing that in Flash MX (not 2004) just aren't worth it. The best I can do is create a second preloader movie that will load the game file as an external swf -- which makes it difficult to put this game up on some of the Flash sites, such as DeviantArt.com, because they want exactly one file, not two (or more).

There is a timer, and some mechanisms to add penalty time to the timer.

There is also a debugging monitor that has not been disabled in the current version. I use the "trace" function a lot, but these days I wrap all traces in a debug handler. This way I can output the debug messages to both the output window (for authoring) and to an on-screen monitor (for live testing).

Here is my task list for completing the game:

1 score (timer) display
1 timer operation
2 city structure
2 make exits
2 navigation gfx
2 game over screen
3 preloader
3 splash screen
3 difficulty select screen
4 high score display
4 high score submit - client
4 high score database
4 high score submit - server
4 high score retrieve - client
4 high score retrieve - server
5 multiple difficulties
5 high score per difficulty
* status box

The number is the priority I have given to each task.

Posted by B Rickman at January 5, 2006 03:07 AM