ZeroOne San Jose

+ the 13th International Symposium of Electronic Art will take place August 7-13, 2006.
I thought this image was amusing, and perhaps indicative of the state of affairs in electronic art these days:
Those fuzzy letters! The free-form layout! The blotchy printer icon! I can’t wait!

Mystery Egg

This egg hatches on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

The Architects of Doom

These four dolls are up for bid on eBay
I refer to them as the Architects of Doom, because, well, they continue to spread their campaign of destruction regardless of what a majority of Americans or the rest of the world thinks.
I don’t really care if I make money off of these dolls. If you really want one, send me an email.

my to-do list

Gotta get this thing done.
- campaign game – rally: 1 hour
- campaign game – speech: 2 hours
- campaign game gfx : 1 hour
- campaign game – debate challenge: 4 hours
- campaign game – interview: 12 hours
20 hours to go.

Political Campaign Games

A recap of this year’s political campaign simulation games, in alphabetical order:

I’m posting this partly as self-motivation to finish my own campaign game, Political Icon 2004. Right now my to-do list looks like this:
- campaign game – rally: 4 hours
- campaign game – speech: 8 hours
- campaign game gfx : 2 hours
- campaign game – debate challenge: 4 hours
- campaign game – interview: 16 hours

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Videogames on the radio

News flash: the 10 September 2004 edition of The World features a segment on videogames, including brief interviews with Gonzalo Frasca and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.
There should be an archive of the story posted in the next day or so.

SIGGRAPH 2004 recap

Well, SIGGRAPH is done and gone and I should record my thoughts for posterity.
Five days of trekking to the convention center was one day too many, a feeling I get almost every year. I always sense that I’ve missed something, so I end up at the show just one more time to make sure I got it all in.
i. Exhibition
The exhibition was contained in halls H and J of the ginormous [gigantic/enormous] exhibition hall. A big convention, but small for SIGGRAPH. Digging out an old program from SIGGRAPH 2001, also at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the exhibition occupied the entire exhibition hall, halls G, H, J, and K, with registration in a downstairs hall (a carpeted parking garage) and the Electronic Theater held offsite at the Shrine Auditorium.
This year, the exhibition floor, the registration area, and the electronic theater were all contained in the exhibition hall.
There is some serious shrinkage going on with SIGGRAPH. The exhibition is now dominated by 3D tools for the entertainment industry, whereas previously this industry was one of many dominant forces. Kind of like the sole remaining superpower… hey, I think I’ve found my metaphor.

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Welcome to Recipro City

I must admit that I regularly scour the site logs to see who is linking to this, my blog.
- The Ludonauts collective
- Jurie Horneman’s Intelligent Artifice
- snooze (language unknown)
- William Huber’s
- Power Up – a blog related to the Power Up symposium from July 2003.
- Terra Nova – a collaborative weblog addressing virtual worlds
Hi, guys!

Vision Quest

Wednesday afternoon I’ll be driving up to the Bay Area to see what there is to see, in particular the Fictional Worlds, Virtual Experiences: Storytelling and Computer Games exhibit at Stanford, the Game Scenes exhibit in SF, and the Story Engines symposium on Friday, all of which are part of the How They Got Game project [experimental website].
If you find yourself at one of these exhibitions/events and would like to pick me out of the crowd, I’m about 17′ feet tall, colorless green skin, and I occasionally wear a white lab coat.

A Real Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve recently converted the site to use the MovableType publishing system, so things should be a little more organized than before.
If you are looking for the penguin game, you can find it here.
I will be tinkering with the configuration of the site, exploring the dark corners of what can be done with this software. It is good to know how these things work when you are a web developer.
First letters only: <$MTEntryBody$>