Billy Joel in Anaheim, CA

On February 23 my wife and I went to sell Billy Joel perform in Anaheim. Here’s a list of the songs he played at the concert:
Angry Young Man
It’s My Life
Everybody Loves You
The Entertainer
The Ballad of Billy the Kid
New York State of Mind
Root Beer Rag
Movin’ Out
Don’t Ask Me Why
Captain Jack
Always a Woman
Keeping the Faith
River of Dreams
Highway to Hell (written by AC/DC) (featuring Chainsaw)
We Didn’t Start the Fire
Still Rock And Roll to Me
You May Be Right
Italian Restaurant
Only the Good Die Young
Piano Man

Attention Shoppers and/ Car Burglar

I found this hand written flyer posted in the underground garage of my local grocery store:

Attention Shoppers and/ Car Burglar

On Wednesday April 25th between 8:30 and 11:30 someone stole two center caps off my aluminum wheels. I have a silver ‘06 GMC pickup – tricked out – lowered, fully customized. Those center caps have “GMC” emblazoned on them. If you’ve seen anyone missing center caps on their wheels who routinely parks down here and now suddenly some shows up thats our guy.

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ZeroOne San Jose and ISEA2006 Symposium

Seven Days of Art and Interactivity in San Jose starts in just a few minutes. We’re getting ready to head up for the ISEA symposium portion of events which start on Wednesday. As I don’t have any sort of wireless setup at the moment I won’t be able to blog directly, but hopefully I will be able to find a stray terminal somewhere and post some notes when I can.
Perhaps I will take a prototype of my as-yet-unfinished Semantic Trumps game.
So, if you see me, say hi. (I’m the guy who make an indrawn “sss” sound when the presenter makes a highly questionable remark.)

The Black Rider

The Robert Wilson/Tom Waits/William S. Burroughs musical is about to close in Los Angeles. If you missed it, or are otherwise curious, I present you with this free guide:
How to stage your own production of The Black Rider at home
1. Buy or download the CD, The Black Rider by Tom Waits
2. Rent a copy of Laurie Anderson’s Home of the Brave.
3. Cover a toothpaste carton in black paper and stand it on the television set next to a photo of Alice Cooper.
4 (Optional). Make hand puppets (12) out of old socks or scraps of felt, or buy some authentic Balinese shadow puppets on eBay.
5. Put the CD in the stereo, the tape in the VCR, mute the television, and enjoy!

Art Attack

A fantastic new poster by Robbie Conal has started to appear in the city — George W. Bush’s skeletonized body floating in the sepulchral floodwaters of New Orleans.
Conel’s website:

Jay the Marketer

I live in Los Angeles. Lately I’ve noticed a couple of billboards directing me to The billboards have black text on a white background, one I’m thinking of in particular says, “Hey Kevin Costner, I wrote ___ ____ just for you.” But the word “Costner” is crossed out, and “Kline” handwritten above it, so it now reads: “Hey Kevin Costner Kline, I wrote ___ ____ just for you.” As the weeks go by, the name is crossed out again and again, replacing “Kline” with “Spacey”, and now “Bacon”.
I assumed from this that JayTheWriter was, perhaps, a disgruntled Hollywood insider, who had been part of the industry and was sickened by the platitudes and back room deals that result in movies like, oh, The Big Bounce. I figure JayTheWriter has written a scathing commentary on Hollywood ethics — “Yes, you are the first person to read this script; I wrote it with you in mind.”
Sadly, JayTheWriter is actually just another vanilla writer with a bunch of boffo screenplays. He’s got a drama, an action thriller, a farce comedy, and a sitcom. Bleh.
One thing JayTheWriter does have is a clever touch for marketing. So here’s some free publicity for you, Jay. Good luck and all that.