Jay the Marketer

I live in Los Angeles. Lately I’ve noticed a couple of billboards directing me to www.JayTheWriter.com. The billboards have black text on a white background, one I’m thinking of in particular says, “Hey Kevin Costner, I wrote ___ ____ just for you.” But the word “Costner” is crossed out, and “Kline” handwritten above it, so it now reads: “Hey Kevin Costner Kline, I wrote ___ ____ just for you.” As the weeks go by, the name is crossed out again and again, replacing “Kline” with “Spacey”, and now “Bacon”.
I assumed from this that JayTheWriter was, perhaps, a disgruntled Hollywood insider, who had been part of the industry and was sickened by the platitudes and back room deals that result in movies like, oh, The Big Bounce. I figure JayTheWriter has written a scathing commentary on Hollywood ethics — “Yes, you are the first person to read this script; I wrote it with you in mind.”
Sadly, JayTheWriter is actually just another vanilla writer with a bunch of boffo screenplays. He’s got a drama, an action thriller, a farce comedy, and a sitcom. Bleh.
One thing JayTheWriter does have is a clever touch for marketing. So here’s some free publicity for you, Jay. Good luck and all that.

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