Billy Joel in Anaheim, CA

On February 23 my wife and I went to sell Billy Joel perform in Anaheim. Here’s a list of the songs he played at the concert:
Angry Young Man
It’s My Life
Everybody Loves You
The Entertainer
The Ballad of Billy the Kid
New York State of Mind
Root Beer Rag
Movin’ Out
Don’t Ask Me Why
Captain Jack
Always a Woman
Keeping the Faith
River of Dreams
Highway to Hell (written by AC/DC) (featuring Chainsaw)
We Didn’t Start the Fire
Still Rock And Roll to Me
You May Be Right
Italian Restaurant
Only the Good Die Young
Piano Man

Reading for January, 2008

After reviewing my 2007 reading list I felt I needed to boost the quality of my reading. This happens every now and then. And so I naively return to the famous authors, those brilliant Pulitzer and Nobel earners, to see what I have missed.
Sula (1973) by Toni Morrison. More of a sketch for a novel than a fully realized novel.
The Sportswriter (1986) by Richard Ford. I found little of interest in the story. I kept reading past the first two chapters because I wanted to see how much of the plot had been stolen for the 2005 film The Weather Man. Not too much, it turns out, aside from the translation of a superficial sportswriter into a superficial weather man, and a scene where the protagonist secretly parks outside of his ex-wife’s home and talks to his son.
Rabbit, Run (1960) by John Updike.