The Architects of Doom

These four dolls are up for bid on eBay
I refer to them as the Architects of Doom, because, well, they continue to spread their campaign of destruction regardless of what a majority of Americans or the rest of the world thinks.
I don’t really care if I make money off of these dolls. If you really want one, send me an email.

Podcast Title Generator

Need a title for your new Podcast? Just click on the Podcast Title Generator for a suggestion (or twenty).

Civilization IV: I can’t play

I picked up a copy of Civ IV for a good price last week. I can’t play it on my system until they release a patch. I’ve got the “bread only” problem, where the map only shows slices of bread (representing food) and no production or coins.
Moving around the map is also extremely laggy.

Reading for October, 2005

William Faulkner, Light in August. Number 54 on the Modern Library list.
James T. Farrell, Young Lonigan. I think the Studs Lonigan Trilogy is only sold as a single volume these days, but I found a library copy of the first book. It is full of outdated references and deals with fairly dark subject matter, like “gangshags” and a plethora of prejudice.

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