Civilization IV: I can’t play

I picked up a copy of Civ IV for a good price last week. I can’t play it on my system until they release a patch. I’ve got the “bread only” problem, where the map only shows slices of bread (representing food) and no production or coins.
Moving around the map is also extremely laggy.

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3 Responses to “Civilization IV: I can’t play”
  1. JPF says:

    I just bought the game yesterday and I have the same problem “bread only”. I can’t find any information related to this bug, or even that Firaxis is aware of it. I’m happy just to find that I’m not the only one with the problem. ugh.
    Were you able to find anything that would help resolve this issue? The game looks great; I’d love to actually play it. :P

  2. Brandon says:

    There is a whole thread on Civilization Fanatics, most of the people affected have an NVIDEA GeForce card of some sort. And there is this message from Take-Two that a patch is making its way through QA.

  3. Phyo says:

    I’ve bought CIVILIZATION IV (2 CD) and install all the way that shown in the CD. but it request me to inster the CORRECT CD. I already been insert the CD 1 and VIRTUAL CD which include in the instraller. So, what should i do.