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I escaped from the room!

A high-production, interface heavy, and ultimately uninspired “locked room” puzzle can be found on the Firewall promotional site.

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Untitled Project Day 6

[Project in progress]
Okay, trying to wrap this thing up. This is the point at which the Flash IDE becomes useful for building the interface structure. If you’ve got your code properly encapsulated, then constructing an interface around it won’t cause too many problems. Most “Flash game designers” start with a timeline animation, however, and then never get around to creating the critical interactivity that makes the game fun.
I’ve got a splash screen, with a generic button in the lower left corner. Click the button to start the game. Find the three buildings which change locations as you move around.

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Untitled Project Day 5

[Project in progress]
I spent about half a day on server-side stuff, creating a php script that will accept high score data (as CGI params) and put it into a MySQL database. The script does some rudimentary checksums to prevent spoofing.
The second half of the day was spent on “alien display” and “alien move logic”. The aliens (disguised as buildings) only move when you are on a different block, and there can only be one alien per block. Once you find an alien (by clicking on it) the building will turn bright green. One alien will move every time you change blocks. The result is a little too erratic, esp. if you have already spotted two aliens and are looking for the third, as the alien will always seek to avoid the player. It is about as fun as trying to guess a random number, over and over again.
In the current version the city is a 3×3 grid and there are 3 aliens to find. A nine block city is about the largest I can make with 51 building assets. The file is 238 kb, which is getting heavy for a stupid flash game.

Hotel Oscar Tango Echo Lima

I just came across HOTEL – an interactive tale by Han Hoogerbrugge. Mad doctors, naked clowns, freak accidents, everything you could want in an interactive tale. Nine out of ten episodes are currently available, the series started some time in 2004.

Reading for January, 2006

The Wanderer by Fritz Lieber. Won the Hugo Award in 1965. The story is pretty much a template plot for a disaster movie, complete with handfuls of oddball/nonintellectual characters who get killed as the disaster worsens.
Gateway by Frederik Pohl. 1978 Hugo Award. The first copy I had (checked out from library) was missing a signature, and had actually been stamped “Withdrawn”, but they sent it to me anyway.

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