Untitled Project Day 6

[Project in progress]
Okay, trying to wrap this thing up. This is the point at which the Flash IDE becomes useful for building the interface structure. If you’ve got your code properly encapsulated, then constructing an interface around it won’t cause too many problems. Most “Flash game designers” start with a timeline animation, however, and then never get around to creating the critical interactivity that makes the game fun.
I’ve got a splash screen, with a generic button in the lower left corner. Click the button to start the game. Find the three buildings which change locations as you move around.

Task list:
- score (timer) display
- timer operation
- city structure
- make exits
- navigation gfx
- alien display
- alien move logic
- high score database
- high score submit – server
- high score retrieve – server
- splash screen
- status display – ???
rel preloader – external clip?
rel hide status box
1 victory screen
1 instructions screen
2* medium city structure
2 difficulty select screen
3 high score display
2 high score submit – client
3 high score retrieve – client
4 iterate alien move logic
4 tutorial city structure
4 revise nav gfx
4 multiple difficulties
4 high score per difficulty
5 more buildings, large city structure

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