I escaped from the room!

A high-production, interface heavy, and ultimately uninspired “locked room” puzzle can be found on the Firewall promotional site.

Objects by location:
desk – scraps in trashcan (drag to solve puzzle); radio, magnet, and RC car in desk (use desk key); examine radio for battery; access code on computer (use power cord, play game)
video setup – power cord in low drawer; phone may be in cabinet or on shelf; remote on shelf (must have access code and build RC car first)
vase and plant – key in vase; click on camera (use magnet)
wall with painting – keypad in chest (open with old key)
corner of couch – wallet (click on table corner, then drag magazines); phone may under pillow
couch and side table – book “Magnets Confuse Cameras” under pillow
Get old key by: combining magnet, RC car, and battery; use RC car at corner of couch; use remote.
Note: the remote control is not accessible until after you have both the access code and have built the RC car.
I said this is was interface heavy puzzle, as well as glitchy. Some of the puzzles require sliding things around the screen, but the drag motion doesn’t always register. The use of three different actions — “use / move”, “examine”, and “combine” — is gratuitous.
I’m not sure if the magically appearing remote control is a bug or a triggered event. Using the remote eventually leads to the keypad, which can’t be used without the access code, so there is no reason to prevent the player from finding it.

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