SIGPARGH2005 day 1

The internet ghetto is located in the far right corner of the registration area. Some 30 desktops sit on standing height podiums, with no chairs. The desktops are on the floor, such that if you were to move your feet too close to the power switch, you might accidentally kick the machine and hit the power switch, losing whatever you had been working on. Now I have to rewrite this.
So I’m sitting on the floor with my pda and folding keyboard. My laptop died earlier this spring. My pda is wireless-less, so I’ll have to upload this later this evening.

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Art by B Rickman eBay Store

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The giraffe is back in town. I held a mock debate with myself to decide if I should go, but given the locality and the rarified opportunity it presents I’ll at least pick up an “exhibits plus” pass.
There was a rumor that the Facade characters will be around, if so they should contact me for ONE FREE DRINK.
Looking for an aggregated conference blog, there has to be to one out there somewhere.
Note to self: business cards

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