Darwinia Yay!

What with all the noise about a new Wright game that plays itself, some stupid photorealistic racing game, and the totally bland PC game selection on the shelves, I almost missed Darwinia by Introversion Software.
I like these guys, their previous game was Uplink, an interesting and original game about computer hacking. Darwinia has the same kind of geeky sensibility, set in a simulated work where viruses have enslaved the AI creatures who live there.
In the UK you can find Darwinia in stores, but in the US you can as yet only get it through mail order. I’ve just placed my order. You should go buy it, too — these guys are only going to survive with grassroots support. If you’re not sure, there’s a nice demo to whet your appetite.

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One Response to “Darwinia Yay!”
  1. Darwinia is my strategy game of the year so far. A brilliant little design, simple but challenging and a real sense of style.