Well done, Rockstar!

It appears that Rockstar Games had designed some strong sexual content for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and opted to “disable” the code for the released version. And now the mod community has made that code accessible to anybody who is curious.
Now watch the rabid gamers rally to defend Rockstar and the ESRB from public scrutiny. Will this be the end of industry self-regulation? Or will the end-of-the-week, post-London-bombing timing of the story provide enough cover to escape public notice?

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One Response to “Well done, Rockstar!”
  1. laronne says:

    i think yall should make the next grand thef auto a little bit more real like you can go to the mall and buy rocawear clothes,fubu stuff like that and have kids riding around on bikes or walking and you can make kids you should be able to start off with a wife and real cars like in the usa. and when you go to jail you go in the cell and you can bust out of jail or wait for 5days to past the maxium days should be 15 days that would make the game more fun and when you go to the hospital you can watch them operate on you if you get shot or get in a accident and when you get ur wife pregnat you have to takw her to the hospital and when you start off you should have to go to a car shop and buy a car or steal one