Handicapping the Lit Blogs

Something happened a week or two ago… I think I posted a comment over at C. Max Magee’s The Millions, and then he posted a link to my 20th Century Novel Handicapper, and that got picked up by Bookslut. Anyway, tens and hundreds of people have since visited my site. Hello!
It is only fair that I link back to the folks who have enjoyed my handicapping tool:
- Backwards City: The semi-official blog of Backwards City Review. Avoid this site if you dislike headlines in smallcaps.
- Confessions of a Bibliovore by Maureen. Maureen doesn’t seem too keen on the great works of the 20th century. Maureen also seems surprised that some movies were actually books before they were movies. But then, Maureen also appears to be into fanfiction. How cute!
- Hey Trey: Another Writer’s Journal. Trey had trouble with Gravity’s Rainbow.
- Horizon: A collaborative general-interest blog of history, literature, culture, and stuff. They were also interested in my choice to include Gravity’s Rainbow in the dataset. FYI, I’ve read it twice.
- sprite writes: broodings from the burrow. Not sure what is going on there.
- the wanker’s swansong: THE DAILY (HEH) RAMBLINGS OF A DIGITAL MISANTHROPE. A self-proclaimed misanthrope? Sounds fishy.

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