The Rise of the Something Somthing

I tried to read The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida. Florida is a statistician who noticed some “interesting” correlations when looking at urban data mixed with social and occupational data. So he wrote a book. A very repetitive and anecdotal book about the rise of a “creative class”, a class which completely defies any statistical or sensible definition, as its members do not have any particular economic status, geographic history, social characteristics, or occupational grouping other than being professional and [mostly] not in the service industry. Search and replace “creative” with any other adjective and you’d have an equally weighty argument for your own rising (and nonexistent) class.
I hear Florida is making a career on the lecture circuit. He must have a dynamic personality.

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3 Responses to “The Rise of the Something Somthing”
  1. The first time I heard R— F— speak was in Winston-Salem, NC. I knew immediately (without reading the book) he was correct. Simply stated he beblieves all humans are inherently creative and fostering an educational, employment and community environment that encourages concept development is what currently drives our economy.
    All science begins with a hypothesis and then the theory goes through years of research, study and evaluation. Many great discoveries in history were based on instinct; this is also true with the social scientist R— F—. His ability to relate to a wide variety of people and great intellectual capacity enables him to see connections that numbers cannot discern.
    I have personally seen sceptics invigorated by the delivery of R—’s message and believers instigate new business development feeling empowered by the concept that their ideas are an important part of their community survival.
    Yes, R— F— is both dynamic and inspirational. Seeing is believing!

  2. Brandon says:

    giuli schacht, your devotion to Florida’s personality is touching. That you feel compelled to offer your testimony on my blog only gives me further evidence that he is a crackpot and a shyster.

  3. Brandon-
    I was intrigued with your biography, too. You are obviously very talented and intelligent. Your prints are lovely.