Google starting to suck

Google’s value as a search engine has really taken a nosedive. You search for something and you get dozens of pages that are nothing but linkfarms. Now you may say that it isn’t Google that is the problem, the problem is with the people who create linkfarms, but Google is the company that has encouraged this behavior with their increasingly annoying text ads everywhere.
What to do?
I’m looking for a printer’s drawer, sometimes called a shadow box, that IKEA used to sell but has now discontinued. There are probably thousands of these in a warehouse somewhere.

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One Response to “Google starting to suck”
  1. Bill says:

    I agree. Google used to make it easy to find what you wanted but now you have to sift through sometimes dozens of spam pages and material that just isn’t relevant.
    My friends are all saying this too. We’re just waiting for something good. I tried and I thought that was worse, maybe I’ll try it again though.