The Neverhood

I saw The Curse of the Were-Rabbit last night, and afterwards we were talking about claymation. I was reminded of The Neverhood, a little known PC adventure game that came out in 1996, just before the Nintendo 64 hit US shelves.

So I dug out my copy of the game and tried to install it.

The Neverhood requires:
Pentium 75 mhz
8 Mg RAM (16 recommended)
SVGA monitor
Quad speed CD ROM
8-bit sound card & speakers  (16-bit recommended)
10 Mg available hard disk space for Installation
Mxcrosoft Wxndows 95.

Unfortunately I’m running 2000, and the installer insists on 95 (though I bet 98 would also work).

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  1. arv says:

    do you still have the game? – i can help
    post again -