Where’s the Manifesto?

Two years ago I wrote some 5000 words discussing rules for creating computer games [An Economy of Rules]. I left off with some statements about the volatile nature of computer games, and a promise to continue the series with something called The New Forms Manifesto.
Clearly I haven’t written it yet.

The arrival of my daughter Corita has only taken up five months or so of my time, so obviously it is something I have been postponing/procrastinating for longer than that.
A large portion of my creative energies go towards the continued study of printmaking in its many forms. Most recently I have been studying lithography, a rather complicated process with many steps and procedures. That accounts for about 1/7 of my time, or one day a week.
Associated with printmaking are my occasional efforts to sell my artwork, primarily on eBay but also through wetcanvas.com (very Beaux-Arts) and Deviant Art. Investing a lot of time in any of these three sites seems to produce limited results, as advertising channels they are all highly saturated.
Anyway, this New Forms Manifesto has been on my mind a lot lately, so look forward to some new thoughts soon.

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