Chaos on Runescape

For the past few weeks I’ve been playing the free version of Runescape. I had played it previously a number of years ago, and though there have been significant updates most of the core game concepts remain in the game, particularly the geographical features which require players to spend a lot of time walking from place to place.
Last week the Runescape developers released a new feature for pay-to-play members: player owned houses. The feature has proven so popular that Jagex has had to add a number of game servers to keep up with player demand. Within the game itself, however, the new feature — linked to a new construction skill — is sending large waves across the normally bustling in-game market.

In general, wealthy Runescape players who want to improve their skills will buy items in bulk from the middle class of players — those players who have sufficient skill to gather valuable resources that the wealthy will buy. The lowest class of players lack skills to gather these resources, these are mostly new players who will need to invest a good amount of time in order to develop skills.
One effect of the new construction skill is that it has created a huge money sink among the wealthy class of players. Now there are lots of these players who have been sitting on vast hordes for quite a while, but money that does gradually end up with the middle class. Construction, however, is draining this money out of the game entirely, and aside from the immediate boost to certain commodities, such as steel nails and exotic woods, it is likely that there will be a net loss to the amount of trading done in the game as these bank accounts diminish.
This effect is actually the intent of the new skill, which was added as a way for the wealthy to show off their status to other players. But while the market is in upheaval I imagine there are a lot of people who are going to leave the game discouraged as the implications become clear.
Related to the new construction skill was glitch on World 111 in which players were able to attack other players in normally safe zones after they had been kicked out of an overcrowded player house. There are a number of rare items and discontinued items in the game that are considered status symbols, and with player killers running loose in the safe areas, a lot of people were panicking about lost items (as well as plenty of looky-loos curious about what was going on).
It will be interesting to see what happens to this situation in the next few weeks to come.

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17 Responses to “Chaos on Runescape”
  1. Dbzruler72 says:

    has anyone seen the video of Durial321 actually pking them? the music S Y N I put on the video made it sound horrible. anyways, Durial321 has been banned for abusing the bug, but i dunno what happened to one guy’s Party Hat

  2. phillip says:

    how did he get the bug does he find it in the house? does it come into his inventory? and how other ppl r helping him i have never broken a runescape rule its just crazy u think how much trouble your getting yourself into is he banned or is he still playing

  3. Zackareth says:

    1) Durial321 happily accepted to go to Cursed You HUGE PARTY (that, i must say that, i enjoyed a lot…be4 the catastrophe)and had fun into the dungeon doing some prayer killing.
    2)The house owner putted the: PvP Challenge modality into the dungeon, and Durial321 got killed as the challenge got on, and then, kicked.
    2) This affected the code of his character, causing him to get the PvP challenge mode OUTSIDE the house cause he got teleported outside it…when Cursed putted Chall Mode…allowing him to kill whoever he wished to kill…whenever he wanted to…IN ANY WAY he would have enjoyed doing it. THIS means that if he got killed / changed area (going upstairs or something like it) /moved to wilderness and got out of it probably his error in the code would have been fixed by the deletion of the Challenge Modality in it.
    3)Anyway going back to the story: He got kicked out with the house and got the challenge mode outside it…allowing him to kill everyone like if he was still inside the dungeon, and (what a GREAT luck) his character was MADE for player KILLING, he was a great pk-er indeed, he also posted a video where he shows is successes as a pker (, video, Durial321), and thanks to his sanguinary nature, as soon as he got the glitch of course he immediatly started to gain…a profit…out of it.
    4) The story continues alone, 55:47 (chronometraded them :P ) minutes of panic and sorrow…that started out at rimmington’s portal and ended at edgeville (where it lasted for like 40 mins, i was hiding and watching and luckily im 2 low lvl to be evalutated by durial like a “rich d00d”), anyway after he killed kinda ALL the ppl in the server the server got shut down…and his account locked AND after that, deleted aswell…this is one of the worst problems runescape ever had, because also as durial’s account got deleted, the items he got also got deleted, and NO ONE will EVER get those items back, as they dont exist anymore and because there are too many false claims.
    The last words of Durial321 (in-game), before the server got shut and he got banned were: thanks, i enjoyed my hour as god.
    (Not to make someone scared…but probably this cant be fixed, as it would mean REMOVING the PvP from the houses, ANY kind of PvP.)

  4. Zackareth says:

    For the code thing…lets just say this:
    Is Code could have been: 00-10 0011 100X
    Lets say that 100X is the number that would be modified…
    The code could have changed in this ways
    1) He teleported: 100T (T as teleportation)
    2) He got PvP Chall: 100A (A as Anarchy)
    3) He got WILDERNESS STATUS: 100WXX (xx as number of wildy lvl and W as Wilderness)
    Just to warn u, this is just to let u understand how did it work, the code is probably COMPLETELY different so dont try using these as an hack cuz it could result on u walking on the walls…and ONLY on the walls… ^_^:
    House of Cursed You: 00110 01010 100 100W00
    House of Cursed You: 00000 (cause he got killeD) 01010 100 100A ( ERROR IN CODE BECUZ IMPOSSIBLE)
    Falador: 01110 101010 001 100A99 (Wich is an error in the code because it should be impossible), this caused the incomparable codes to mix and the game to try to self balance, giving Durial321 char the possibility to attack everyone by morphinh his code from:
    01110 101010 001 100A99 (ERROR)
    00100 110010 111 100A (Wich means…at least for the game…a normal code that can be used)
    (And here we understand how STUPID can the machines be…LOLZ)

  5. the bishop says:

    he was lucky i hopped out of the house b4 the glitch..i woulda owned his noob ass instead of him pknig me and taking green phat when i was unaware

  6. the bishop says:

    polymath….you are noobs at life…and you suck at rs and make gamers all over the world look bad.

  7. Zackareth says:

    1) Bishop idk why u say that anyway URE A noob, also its my first time in this site.
    2) I bet u suck even more than me cuz i got a lvl 119 main so STFU.

  8. dandaman says:

    does anyone know what music was in that clip? it sounded like nightwish but i cant make out the words

  9. joey says:

    i was killed in it lol he took my obby cape

  10. joey says:

    i was killed in it lol he took my obby cape

  11. h 2 says:

    yeah it was nightwish, and i laugh at Durial, he spent months at his computer training that character, just to lose it in one hour of being “god”, that is not what god is, because god could not be stopped, he was stopped, and banned, deleted and soon to be forgotten. People will forget, but he wont and that is why it is so funny. Maybe if he didn’t kill anybody and told JAGeX he would still be playing and still be remembered…ah some people’s childish attitudes..

  12. cyb1rpro kh says:

    durial u r my idol i wish u would u would be remembered forever if uask me i say u make a new account and do the same thing over again on some day like friday the 13th which bloody americans(that are superstitous, think i hope u r not one of them)think is an unlucky day and ill join u cause u r an asshole bloody bastard and all other abusive

  13. bill says:

    i recon he should come back and take revenge on jagex muhahahah wouldnt that be interesting… lol
    or maybe there shuda been another person like durial that jagex made 2 kill him?? like jagex terminator :S lol.

  14. yo mamma says:

    lol this is retarded

  15. Sean says:

    so many f u c k i n g 10year olds posting here….nothin is special about durial, he wont be able to come back and take revenge…jagex will already have implemented a bug fix….all be it a rushed one….but by the time another major update comes out the code will be working smoothly.

  16. Brandon says:

    I’m closing comments on this post.