21st Century Novels v0.5.0 / Help requested

Handicapping the Great 21st Century Novels v0.5.0 – an interactive experience
I have made some updates to the interface and the data set.
One major change is that the list is limited to two books by the same author. Now all those pesky NYT bestseller writers won’t clog up the list so much. (This will be a configurable feature in the future.)
Authors can now be scored on origin (US or non-US) and historical generation. See the “Author” category for the new options. Want your list to only include Baby Boomers (1946-1960)? Looking for books by young, non-US authors? Dial away.
Also, authors are categoried by year of first publication: those published before 1991, from 1991 to 2000, and since 2001. This allow you to select “new” authors”, or select “established” authors, and so on.

The data contains 193 novels, with 80+ additional titles in the pool. All novels were published in 2001 or later.
You can help! Wikipedia is lacking biographical details for these authors:
M. M. Buckner
Minister Faust
Kay Kenyon
Karin Lowachee
Lyda Morehouse
Chris Moriarty
Karen Traviss
Ray Vukcevich
Ken Wharton
Liz Williams
Ann Tonsor Zeddies
I am interested in year of birth and year of first publication. Leave a comment and/or contribute to Wikipedia if you would like to help with this project.
Book suggestions are also welcome.

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