Ban Comic Sans

I recently installed a Windows operating system on a new machine, and one of my first tasks, along with disabling VBScript and removing all those wretched screen savers, was to delete the Comic Sans font.
I guess I’m not alone: Ban Comic Sans website
I’m not just against Comic Sans because it is an ugly font; I am against its painful and inadequate usurpation of comicbook style lettering. Look at that weak ‘a’, and that meagre ‘g’… wait a minute, who the hell uses lowercase comicbook lettering in the first place?

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  1. Ban Comic Sans

    You’ve undoubtedly seen Comic Sans, the Microsoft font that attempts to look like classic comic-balloon writing. It doesn’t, of course: Quite the contrary, it is a “painful and inadequate usurpation of comicbook style lettering”, as blogger Brandon Ri…