the end of trackbacks

delete from mt_tbping where tbping_blog_name = “online poker”;
Fortunately this site is just the one blog, so when the comment spammers decide to start trackback spam there is no one to complain if I disable trackbacks. It is also nice to be able to write SQL commands to wipe out swathes of spam.
I know that when someone chooses to spam my site, it is nothing personal. But at the same time, when someone spams my site, it is nothing personal, and that is why it sucks. It is a kind of pollution, kind of like if the Coca Cola company decided for their next ad campaign to dump millions of empty Coke cans on the side of the highway. “Hey, look at all the Coke cans, that must be one fucking tasty carbonated beverage.”
Interview with a link spammer. Not much of an “interview”, but an interesting snapshot nonetheless.
UPDATE: I’m now getting 30-100 blacklisted comment hits per day. Pray the defences hold!

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