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record 7
Scattered on the walls of the Santa Clara Westin Great America are a number of prints and paintings. Electronic signs indicate that these works are for sale. But for some reason the signature on the works is hidden by the frame. It is generic art. There are four very colorful monoprints in the hallway which goes between the convention area and the hotel proper. By one of the convention Ballrooms, there is what appears to be a large (perhaps 22″ x 30″) copper plate bearing the image of a flower. The image was flat bit, and the plate has been inked, and the plate mounted and framed. At least that is what it looks like to me.

record 8
Lunch is anticipated by the smell of sterno. Giant heating pans await today’s entree… What will it be? “Some kind of chicken” would be a safe bet. Silverware is wrapped in napkins, and plastic cups of water and ice tea are arranged at round tables. The glasses have been sitting in the mild spring sunshine for about an hour, so only remnants of ice remain floating on the surface.
Monday’s lunch was Chinese. Tuesday saw a doubling of the number of conference attendees, and lunch was Mexican food. Wednesday was pizza, a.k.a. Italian. Thursday was cold cuts. Aside from the hotel restaurant and cafe, there are no restaurants within walking distance of the convention center.
record 9
In LA, you will find Dr. Pepper only in Coke machines. Here they are distributed by Pepsi. The one convenient Pepsi machine has been out of Dr. Pepper all week. I was able to discover additional Pepsi machines far away in the south hall.
record 10
The electronic signs flash this message:
“The institute for brain potential presents: self-destructive emotions in rooms #201 and #202.”
There is some kind of construction conference today. What kind of free swag do you get at a construction conference? Free paint buckets emblazoned with the OSH logo, of course.
Our swag is a MySQL book bag.
record 11
Three worthwhile talks in three days. The first was the very first presentation, given by the LiveJournal folks (LiveJournal is now merged with Six Apart, the people who make MovableType). The second was by Bert Scalzo, product architect for Quest Software, on data warehouses and star schemas. Of all the warehousing talks, this one had the most clarity. A third good talk was the one on the MySQL 5 query optimizer. The only thing bad about that presentation were some of the know-it-all comments from the audience, typical software engineer chatter.

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