Untitled Project Day 4

[Project in progress]
I did a little work on the game on the 17th, and a little more today, so I’ll call this day 4. 90% of the fundamental code is done, and about 25% of the interface code. In this version there is a small 3 wide, 2 high city that is navigable with the arrow buttons, the arrow keys, and the a/w/s/d keys.
I have doodled some ideas for city layouts for the different skill levels. The easy city will have 6 rooms and 2 aliens, the medium city will be 12 rooms and 3 aliens, the difficult city will have 18 rooms and 4 aliens. I will need more building assets to be able to furnish the 18 room city.
Untitled Project Day 3
Untitled Project Day 2
Untitled Project Day 1

To do list:
- score (timer) display
- timer operation
- city structure
- make exits
- navigation gfx
1 alien display
1 alien move logic
2 game over screen
2 medium city structure
3 large city structure
4 revise nav gfx
3 splash screen
3 difficulty select screen
4 high score display
4 high score submit – client
4 high score database
4 high score submit – server
4 high score retrieve – client
4 high score retrieve – server
5 multiple difficulties
5 high score per difficulty
5 preloader – external clip?
* status box

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