Darwinia Wins Award

I’m a big fan of Darwinia, so here’s some news: Darwinia wins EIEF People’s Choice award.

Well done, Rockstar!

It appears that Rockstar Games had designed some strong sexual content for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and opted to “disable” the code for the released version. And now the mod community has made that code accessible to anybody who is curious.
Now watch the rabid gamers rally to defend Rockstar and the ESRB from public scrutiny. Will this be the end of industry self-regulation? Or will the end-of-the-week, post-London-bombing timing of the story provide enough cover to escape public notice?

Prison Tycoon a real game?

If you do a Google search for “Prison Tycoon”, this site comes up as the second link. The first link goes to a page at Amazon that suggests that Prison Tycoon is a soon-to-be-released title from ValuSoft. I don’t see any information about the forthcoming game at the ValuSoft site.
UPDATE: comments for this entry are closed. Please see Prison Tycoon sneak peak and More Prison Tycoon notes for more information about this game.

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I must be an idiot.

The debate rages on:

Arnold’s Race for Governor

This is a Flash game I put together back before Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California. Arnold scores points by running over his female costars, but only when the news is not on. Arnold’s Race for Governor

Sleepy Echidna Game

The Sleepy Echidna Game. Get the penguins across the screen before the Echidna wakes up. Or just listen to the soundtrack.


Guide the human through a parallel dimension maze full of blocks and pits. Play 9×9

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